EMASS Board of Directors Adopted: April 5, 2011

Scope of this Policy: This policy applies to teams playing in local, regional, national, and international tournaments or exhibitions as a sanctioned EMASS Travel Team using the EMASS name. While the dates provided in this Policy reflect what is to be followed for EMASS teams attending the Cape Cod Classic Tournament held yearly in September, these dates may be altered for EMASS teams attending other tournaments.

What is the Rationale of EMASS Travel Teams? EMASS Travel Teams enable EMASS members to compete in tournaments in their appropriate age bracket and/or appropriate competitive level. This allows league players to experience another level of competition, to travel, and to represent the league.

Who May Play on EMASS Travel Teams? Except as set forth below, ONLY registered EMASS Members may play on EMASS Travel Teams. Full-time pool players are not eligible. It is recognized that a Travel Team may not have sufficient registered EMASS Members available to field a team. Only after all reasonable efforts have been exhausted by the Travel Team Manager and ONLY with the PRIOR approval of the EMASS Board of Directors may a non-EMASS registered player be added to an EMASS Travel Team roster.

In the special case of a non-EMASS Member playing for an EMASS Travel Team traveling to Cuba under EMASS auspices, a $120 per player fee shall be paid to EMASS before being included on a Cuba team's roster.

Must EMASS Players Play Only on Their Age-Appropriate EMASS Travel Team? No. If an older player is invited to play for a younger EMASS travel team, the player may choose to play for the younger team. For example, if a 66-year-old player is invited to play for a 60+ team, the player may opt to play for the younger 60+ team instead of playing for the 65+ travel team. And, if the tournament permits it, and the EMASS travel team managers agree to it, a player may be placed on more than one team's roster at a tournament.

What is the Manager Selection Process? Any registered EMASS Member is eligible to manage an EMASS Travel Team. The Team Manager need not be in the same age bracket as the team, and the Manager does not need to be an active player on an EMASS team. Candidates seeking to be a Travel Team Manager must submit his/her name prior to May 15th to the Commissioner. These candidate names will be presented by the Commissioner at the BOD meeting in June. If there are two or more candidates applying to manage a Travel Team, the EMASS Board will determine the Manager. The EMASS Board may also designate an assistant manager, or may select co-managers.

What is the Player Selection Process? Travel Team Managers will assemble the teams from interested players through one or more open tryouts. These tryout(s) shall be held before July 15th. Tryout location, date, and time must be presented to the EMASS Board of Directors and publicized at least two weeks prior to their occurrence by using:

  • the EMASS website
  • an email sent by the League Secretary to all age-appropriate EMASS players

From these tryouts the Managers will prepare and submit their Travel Team roster to the Commissioner and to the EMASS Board of Directors before August 1st.

Note: It is realized that in some cases a player is not able to attend the scheduled open tryout. This does not exclude that player from being placed on the travel team roster.

Who Pays for What? All fees associated with travel teams, for example, team registration fees, uniforms, travel, housing, and any other expense, shall be the responsibility of the Travel Team's members.