EMASS Team Wins NH Indoor Softball Tournament

A powerful team representing EMASS handily won the January 11th Indoor Softball Tournament in Bedford, NH. Led by the hitting of Andy Wrobel (11-12, .917) and Kevin Hayes (10-12, .833) the formidable EMASS lineup batted a collective .561 for the day, outscoring their opponents 8-1, 8-2, 11-2, and 15-6 to sweep four games. Home runs were hit by Andy Wrobel (a grand slam) and Danny Sides, who also blasted an automatic double off the wall in deep right center. The defense wasn't too shabby either, as the EMASS fielders flashed some impressive leather, holding their opponents to only a handful of runs on the day until garbage time in the final.

Other members of the EMASS powerhouse were Joe Frongello, Steve Bober, Steve Poole, Rob Boland, Steve Elkinson, Walker Royce, Dave Hadden, Tom Hall, and Mike Mauceri.

EMASS was well represented elsewhere in the tournament as several EMASS members including Steve Archer, Larry Fegan, Kevin Gillis, Bruce Ravelson, Bruce Silver, and Allen Souza played on two of the Nashua teams. A special thanks goes to long time EMASS member Norm Harrison who organized the tournament and also played on a Nashua team. Norm hopes to put another indoor tournament together for mid-late March.

As the official team scorekeeper and general factotum, I (Rob M) can attest that it was a lot of fun and a great day for all.


As was recently posted, the EMASS Board has banned the Anarchy Awakening Bat from use in all EMASS Divisions. It is felt that the bat, though ASA approved, could be a safety concern.

In order to formulate a safe and sensible bat policy going forward, the EMASS Board is now in the process of gathering information and analyzing the many proposals that have been offered. Until this process is concluded, it is recommended that players not purchase new bats for use in EMASS.

Posted: October 10, 2017