[Adopted By EMASS Board of Directors - February, 2009]

1. Article VI, Section 9.5 of the EMASS By-Laws provides that the Rules Coordinator shall be charged with reviewing, on an impartial basis, all of the facts and circumstances with respect to any protest, dispute or question regarding the interpretation of existing rules, regulations and policies or other matter which may be brought by any Member or which may arise during the course of the season, including, without limitation, a violation of the EMASS Code of Conduct (a "Dispute"). Any Dispute brought to the Rules Coordinator shall be reviewed by the Rules Coordinator as soon as is reasonably possible.

2. The playing rules and regulations as published have been adopted by the Board and Managers are urged to insure that the playing rules and regulations are honored in spirit and intent and that violations are reported to the Rules Coordinator. In particular, in the National Division and Atlantic Division, Managers are encouraged to insure that the spirit and intent of the Courtesy Runner Rules are honored.

3. In the event of any question regarding the playing rules or a Dispute arises, a Manager should contact the Rules Coordinator as soon as possible.

4. The Rules Coordinator shall review the facts and circumstances, discuss the matter with the appropriate Division Coordinator in order to determine whether the matter can be resolved by the Rules Coordinator and the Division Coordinator without the involvement of the Commissioner or the Board or whether further review is necessary.

5. The Rules Coordinator shall act in good faith and attempt to be fair and reasonable taking into account all of the circumstances but shall be charged with enforcing the Rules as adopted.