Policy on EMASS Minimum Skills Required
[Adopted by Board of Directors, March 2, 2013]

Any EMASS registrant who was not a registered (and paid) EMASS Member during the prior season ("New Member") is subject to the following Minimum Skills Requirement Policy.

In order to be eligible to play in any EMASS Division, New Members must be able to perform all of the following:


1. To be able to consistently throw a ball over 50 feet in the air with reasonable accuracy overhand (pitchers only exempt)
2. To consistently catch a ball thrown from 65 feet away, 
3. To hit a pitched ball into fair territory 3 out of 5 swings, 
4. To hit a ball out of the infield, 
5. To run to first base in ten seconds or less.


1. New Members will be assigned to teams in his/her respective Divisions. During the first four (4) weeks of play (practice, practice games or regular season), all New Members will be observed and evaluated by the Managers of their respective teams and Managers of opposing teams.

2. If the evaluating parties believe that a New Member might not be able to pass the Minimum Skills Requirements, he/she will refer that New Member's name to the Division Coordinator who will then arrange for a formal evaluation and testing by the Division Coordinator and a selected evaluation committee.

3. Any New Player failing to successfully meet all of the 5 requirements may be declared ineligible for EMASS league play and will receive a refund of all fees paid to EMASS.

4. Any New Player who is so disqualified may re-apply to EMASS for the following season.