[Adopted By Board of Directors - February, 2009]

Article II, Section 2 of the By-Laws of the BY-LAWS OF THE EMASS SENIOR SOFTBALL ASSOCIATION, INC. ("EMASS") states as follows:

Section 2: Mission Statement

While all games organized by the Association should be played with the intent to win, the goal of the Association is to ensure to the best of its ability that the Members of the Association (i) have a positive, fun, athletic, and social experience, and (ii) compete and play in a sportsmanlike manner. It is an essential principal of the Association that all games and activities be conducted in a constructive, non-criticizing manner and to ensure that all members are treated with respect and dignity, and are provided a fair and equitable opportunity to participate.

1. Any EMASS member, whether a player, umpire or spectator, who discredits EMASS by either unsportsmanlike conduct or other actions found to be not in accord with the league rules, Mission Statement or spirit of fair play shall be subject to disciplinary actions including, without limitation, censure, suspension and/or termination of membership.

2. Examples of behavior which will be subject to disciplinary review and action are as follows:

(a) threats, profane language or gestures directed at any EMASS player, spectator or umpire or a member of the general public;

(b) a physical or verbal assault on any EMASS player, spectator or umpire or a member of the general public;

(c) provoking, taunting, ridiculing, berating, threatening, trash talking, intimidating or deceitful behavior, tactics and/or actions.

3. Any alleged violation of the Code of Conduct shall be reported to the Rules Coordinator as soon as is reasonably possible following the incident.

4. With respect to an alleged violation of the EMASS Code of Conduct, the Rules Coordinator shall use reasonable efforts to interview at least 2 direct witnesses (other than the Managers or individuals bringing the complaint). The Rules Coordinator may also interview, based on his/her reasonable discretions, any other corroborating witnesses and gathering any supporting documentation pertinent to the matter as the Rules Coordinator deems reasonable.

5. The Rules Coordinator shall also solicit a written response from the member being charged with a Code of Conduct violation.

6. After the initial investigation of the alleged Code of Conduct violation is complete, the Rules Coordinator shall submit a written report of his findings and recommendation to the Board of Directors.

7. The Board shall have the right to take such actions as it deems fair and reasonable and in the best interest of EMASS. The following are actions which the Board of Directors may, but shall not be obligated to, take:

(a) The Board may hold a hearing and call witnesses but if such a hearing is held the members involved in the Code of Conduct Dispute have the right to attend, to hear all of the testimony and to address the Board.

(b) The Board may act on the recommendation of the Rules Coordinator without holding any hearing.

8. Penalties may, without limitation, include any of the following:

  • A written reprimand
  • A written warning
  • A suspension of 1 or more games
  • A remainder of the season suspension with no dues reimbursement 
  • A suspension for the next season 
  • A disqualification from any EMASS sponsored tournament team(s)
  • A lifetime expulsion from EMASS activities.

9. Records of player discipline for violations of EMASS regulations including being ejected from games shall remain active in their files for the remainder of the player's career for purposes of progressive discipline.